Boot Camp
Be Different,
Be Healthy,
Be Fit

Don’t let the word bootcamp intimidate you. Put the thoughts of a drill sergeant coach screaming at you to run faster till you puke out of your mind.

Don’t get me wrong it will be by no means easy but it will be an fun group atmosphere that will make you feel comfortable getting through the workout.

The bootcamps we teach are targeted to ALL women and are based around H.I.I.T (High intensity interval training) where you perform shorts bursts of cardio mixed with intervals of strength.

All fitness levels can get through the workouts at their own pace and with the right modifications based on your individual needs.

These bootcamps will:

Shed inches • Tighten & Tone (stomach, arms, butt and thighs) • Improve cardio and overall health • Build confidence • Wear that little black dress • Learn more about proper nutrition • and so on.


“I was looking to mix up my current training regimen and get into shape for the summer months. I signed up for a boot camp and was initially concerned about the body weight/ low pounds resistance training. Surprisingly, I have been challenged each and every single workout. With every class I was encouraged by Jenna to push myself and not quit. My gains in strength, endurance and fat loss could not have been achieved in the 6 weeks on my own.”
– Lester Coloma

“As a beginner, I lacked the confidence (and coordination) to try group classes. I also could not financially afford a personal trainer. Boot camp turned out to be the perfect solution for me. Jenna provided the necessary guidance to help me achieve my goals. I started to see results quickly and for once I became eager and excited to workout.”
Kelly Clancy